Features Three models to choose from

SIPOS SEVEN actuators are available in three different options:

Common features

  • Integrated frequency converter
  • Electronically adjustable speed
  • Electronic limitation of torque
  • Extensive internal monitoring functions including full motor protection
  • Simple commissioning with user guidance
  • Integrated power and control electronics
  • No external switching devices, reversing controllers or control cabinets required
  • Universal interface for both conventional controls and fieldbus automation systems
  • Built-in local control station


    The ECOTRON is particularly suited to On-Off and Inching applications and simple modulating control functions.


    The PROFITRON is ideally suited for demanding modulating applications and where special functions are required.

    • Easy commissioning and operation via full color graphics display
    • Comprehensive software functionality
    • External USB interface


    All PROFITRON functions but with continuous duty and highest positional accuracy and repeatability.

    Suited for every process

    SIPOS SEVEN actuators are available to suit applications ranging from simple ON-OFF control to continuous
    duty operations. The actuators are designed according to EN 15714-2:
    for on-off operation (class A), inching duty (class B), modulating duty (class C) with up to 1,200 c/h, or continuous duty (Class D) with up to 3,600 c/h.